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Websites are boring but Discord’s are cool as F#CK!

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Staking coming lfg!!!


We are $BTC maxis who are bullish on web3. We believe in the DeGods movement.

We respect and vibe with our frens at Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

We are the Meta Ape Militia...

The newest blue chip in this red market!


Looking for more?!

That's what the discord is for.



APE IN LFG!! -->

Buy Mutants in   DUST


Got DUST? Any Mutants you see below can be purchased in DUST!

Head to the discord and open a ticket stating the Mutant # you would like to purchase and The General will contact you with the instructions on how to purchase.

No numbers are shown yet but once we mint they will appear with the price in DUST.

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Meta Ape Militia NFT's do not give you ownership or a share of our mining company, mining hardware or our mining farm. Meta Ape Militia NFT's are simply an art-based project. The team may reward Meta Ape Militia NFT holders with the gift of BTC at its discretion. Being super cool qualified holder who is involved in the discord and brings a positive impact to the Militia will prosper in our community.